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Friday, September 24, 2010

Delphi 7 and Its IDE programming tutorial

Chapter1 Delphi 7 and Its IDE In a visual programming tool such as Delphi, the role … format on the Delphi Companion Tools CD) with a tutorial that introduces the development of Delphi …
Delphi 7 and Its IDE In a visual programming tool such as Delphi, the role of the integrated development environment (IDE) is at times even more important than the programming language. Delphi 7 provides some interesting new features on top of the rich IDE of Delphi 6. This chapter examines these new features, as well as features added in other recent versions of Delphi. We’ll also discuss a few traditional Delphi features that are not well known or obvious to newcomers. This chapter isn’t a complete tutorial of the IDE, which would require far too much space; it’s primarily a collection of tips and suggestions aimed at the average Delphi user. If you are a beginning programmer, don’t be afraid. The Delphi IDE is quite intuitive to use. Delphi itself includes a manual (available in Acrobat format on the Delphi Companion Tools CD) with a tutorial that introduces the development of Delphi applications. You can find a simpler introduction to Delphi and its IDE in my Essential Delphi online book (discussed in Appendix C, “Free Companion Books on Delphi”). Throughout this book, I’ll assume you already know how to carry out the basic hands-on operations of the IDE; all the chapters after this one focus on programming issues and techniques. This chapter covers the following topics: ? Moving around the IDE ? The editor ? The Code Insight technology ? Designing forms ? The Project Manager ? Delphi files Editions of Delphi Before delving into the details of the Delphi programming environment, let’s take a side step to underline two key ideas. First, there isn’t a single edition of Delphi; there are many of them. Second, any Delphi environment can be customized. For these reasons, Delphi screens you see illustrated in this chapter may differ from those on your own computer. Here are the current editions of Delphi: ? The “Personal” edition is aimed at Delphi newcomers and casual programmers and has support for neither database programming nor any of the other advanced features of Delphi. ? The “Professional Studio” edition is aimed at professional developers. It includes all the basic features, plus database programming support (including ADO support), basic web server support (WebBroker), and some of the external tools, including ModelMaker and IntraWeb. This book generally assumes you are working with at least the Professional edition. ? The “Enterprise Studio” edition is aimed at developers building enterprise applications. It includes all the XML and advanced web services technologies, CORBA support, internationalization, three-tier architecture, and many other tools. Some chapters of this book cover features included only in Delphi Enterprise; these sections are specifically identified. ? The “Architect Studio” edition adds to the Enterprise edition support for Bold, an environment for building applications that are driven at run time by a UML model and capable of mapping their objects both to a database and to the user interface, thanks to a plethora of advanced components. Bold support is not covered in this book. Besides the different editions available, there are ways to customize the Delphi environment. In the screen illustrations throughout the book, I’ve tried to use a standard user interface (as it comes out of the box); however, I have my preferences, of course, and I generally install many add-ons, which may be reflected in some of the screen shots. The Professional and higher versions of Delphi 7 include a working copy of Kylix 3, in the Delphi language edition…

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