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Friday, September 24, 2010

delphi programming tutorial: Borland Delphi 6 for Windows

maXbox Starter Start with Programming 1.1 First Step To start programming isn’t that difficult. You may know, in the very beginning was nothing which exploded ;)…
This Quick Start provides an overview of the Delphi development environment to get you started using the product right away. It also tells you where to look for details about the tools and features available in Delphi. Chapter2, “A tour of the desktop” describes the main tools on the Delphi desktop, or integrated desktop environment (IDE). Chapter3, “Programming with Delphi” explains how you use some of these tools to create anapplication. Chapter4, “Creating a text editor—a tutorial” takes you step by step through atutorial to write a program for a text editor. Chapter5, “Customizing the desktop” describes how you can customize the Delphi IDE for your development needs. What is Delphi? Delphi is an object-oriented, visual programming environment for rapid applicationdevelopment (RAD). Using Delphi, you can create highly efficient applications for Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows 98, and Windows NT with a minimum of manual coding. Delphi also provides a simple cross-platform solution when used in conjunction with Kylix, Borland’s RAD tool for Linux. Delphi provides all the tools you need to develop, test, and deploy applications, including a large library of reusable components, a suite of design tools, application and form templates, and programming wizards. The online Help system provides detailed information about user interface features, language implementation, programming tasks, and the components in the Visual Component Library Reference (VCL) and Borland Component Library for Cross Reference (CLX). It includes all the material in the Delphi Developer’s Guide , Object Pascal Language Guide , and a host of Help files for other features bundled with Delphi. To view the table of contents, choose Help|Delphi Help and Help|Delphi Tools, and click the Contents tab. To look up VCL or CLX objects or any other topic, click the Index or Find tab and type your request. Starting Delphi You can start Delphi in the following ways: Double – click the Delphi icon (if you’ve created a shortcut). Choose Programs|Borland Delphi 6|Delphi 6 from the Windows Start menu. Choose Run from the Windows Start menu, then enter Delphi32. Double-click Delphi32.exe in the Delphi\Bin directory…

Download delphi programming tutorial: Borland Delphi 6 for Windows.


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