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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Designing for Ajax

Background • Games, research, science, military, biz • Apps, frameworks, widget sets • Developer, designer• Object-oriented background• Software architect, user experience manager• Current: Yahoo! Ajax Evangelist• http://looksgoodworkswell.com Breadcrumbs. Module Tabs.Navigation Tabs. Auto Complete.Pagination. Item Pagination.Search Pagination. Ratings and Reviews. Architecture of a Review.Rating an Object. Writing aReview. Drag and Drop. Drag and Drop Modules Drag and Drop. Drag and Drop Modules. In Page Editing. In Page Custom Editing. Direct State Editing. Grid Cell Editing. Inline Custom Editing. Inline Tag Editing. Popup Custom Editing. Slide-out Custom Editing. Inline Text Editing. Persistent Portals. Inline Reordering. Indication.Busy Indication. Cursor Busy. In Context Busy. In Context Progress. Inline Status. Character Counter. Auto Complete. Balloon Error Tip. Deferred Content Loading. Dynamic Goal. Narrowing Choices. Refining Search. Live Search. Dynamic Filter. Invitation. Cursor Invitation. DropInvitation. Tool Tip Invitation. Hover Invitation. Detail Zoom. Opacity Focus. Configurable Module – Faceplate. Configurable Module – Flip It. Configurable Module – Inline Configure. Configurable Module – Slide Out Drawer. Slide Out. Flip. Opacity Fade. Endless Scrolling. Expandable Paging Boundary. Fresh Content. Hover Detail. In PlaceDrill Down. Inline Assistant. Inline Validation. Validate Then Suggest. On Demand Refresh. Periodic Refresh.Resizable Modules. Scrolling Modules. Auto Save. In Context Tools. Remembered Collection. Remembered Preferences. Auto Form Fill. Rating an Object. Transition. Brighten Transition. Cross Fade Transition. Dim Transition. Expand Transition. Fade In Transition. Fade Out Transition. Flip Transition. Move Transition. Self-Healing Transition. Collapse Transition. Slide Transition. Rich Internet Object. Available. Selected. Identifiable Object. Designing for Ajax • Richness What is richness? • Ajax Patterns DNA of an Ajax Pattern • Principles Principles for Ajax Design Defining Richness: Web in 3D • Interaction Dimension• Data Dimension• Presentation Dimension Classic Web • Interaction course-grained • Data loaded with the page or obtained via refresh • Presentation: page-based updates 13 Interaction Data Presentation page Data refresh boundary Classic Web Illustrated 14 Server Http Request Http Response Interaction Data Presentation even tresponse Ajax = Just-in-Time. Immediacy. 15 Just-in-time dataJust-in-time presentation.

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