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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

E1 motherboard BIOS update WN STD 02/05

E1 motherboard BIOS update „WN STD 02/05“ New features and improvements • There is a NEW POWER UP BEHAVIOUR implemented: After power on, the BEETLE remains 4 seconds OFF! After 4s the power supply starts to provide all devices with energy and therefore fan starts, power LED turns on, hard disk spins up, e. t. c. This feature was implemented to ensure save detection of USB devices after power up. It’s a work-around recommended by Intel! There will be no delay, if BEETLE power supply was not switched off (on return from shutdown, hibernation or stand by mode). • Now, setup parameters (CMOS data) will remain, if update is done with Phoenix’ WinPhlash® update procedure for Windows. Like it is with DOS based update. • New video BIOS VB321R build 570 included in actual package. Improved support of VESA standard avoids some known Linux trouble of previous releases. • New BIOS SETUP parameter is introduced in [I/O device configuration] section. You may change resources of RS232 onboard port COM1: / COM2: • Default parameter of BIOS SETUP changed: “PS/2 mouse == ENABLED” and “Touch Screen Routing” == “TFT Touch to COM2″. • Under some very certain circumstances PS/2 keyboard could not be accessed if PS/2 mouse was disabled in BIOS setup. This was seen with BIOS 01/01 and is improved with actual BIOS (02/02 and higher). • Improved boot behaviour of USB mass storage devices (CF cards, USB FD, …) • Improved reset behaviour of USB peripheral devices (barcode reader, …) • Improved hardware monitoring for -12V voltage and fan speed. • Advanced system initialisation after replacing on board battery, avoiding spurious hang up during P.O.S.T. Extra tool INIT0101.EXE not needed anymore. • In our test labs we could see, that – under a system shutdown initiated by Windows XP, did not switch off the BEETLE. This error is solved now. • While system installation Windows XP embedded sporadically showed a blue screen. This was seen with BIOS 01/01 while first boot agent installed onboard COM3/4 driver ITE.SYS and is solved now. See also chapter Windows enumeration of COM ports … • DMI data will be preserved if BIOS is updated from DOS BIOS (projects). • A new DMI data structure according to international standards is implemented in actual BIOS release. Therefore, DMI data needs to be reorganized while BIOS update! See chapter DMI data … Known problems or restrictions • An already installed plug and play operating system likeWindows XP, will redetect onboard COM3/4 ports as COM5/6 or higher after BIOS update. See also chapter Windows enumeration of COM ports … • WinPhlash® based BIOS update for Windows is not provided.

Download E1 motherboard BIOS update WN STD 02/05.


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