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Friday, September 24, 2010

EMS SQL Management Studio for MySQL

EMS SQL MANAGEMENT STUDIO is a complete solution for database administration and development. With components that focus on all critical database management tasks, SQL Studio is a … EMS SQL Management Studio for MySQL Become more productive than ever before! OVERVIEW Today most companies and corporations use IT-solutions that are based on SQL servers. The work of many company’s services depends on the speed and regular functioning of these servers. The tools that developers or administrators use in their work with a SQL …

EMS SQL MANAGEMENT STUDIO INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING TOOLS: SQL MANAGER Simplify and automate your database development process. Design, explore and maintain existing databases with support of all database objects. View, print and manipulate data in the simplest and most efficient way. Using SQL Manager you can rapidly search, group, sort and filter any objects or data stored in a database with UNICODE support. Build compound SQL query statements visually to handle database structure in a few clicks or create queries directly in the SQL text editor with syntax highlighting, SQL Formatter, Favorite Queries list and other features. View the execution plan for each query created and executed in the application. Manage database user rights to define privileges on database objects and improve security. Use the Report designer tool to create various data aware reports and take advantage of the HTML Report wizard to generate a detailed HTML report of the selected database objects. Other SQL Manager features include: building relationship diagram on the basis of the current database’s structure, duplicating all database objects, optimizing and repairing database tables, a number of powerful tools for working with your database server and much more. DATA EXPORT & IMPORT Import data from and export data to any of 19 most popular data formats, including MS Access,MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, HTML and more. Data Export and Import tools allow working with several tables, views or queries at the same time; selecting fields to import/export and changing their order; adjusting parameters for each table and defining specific parameters for each file format. Different import modes are available to solve problems with re-writing of information already contained in the database. DATA PUMP Transferdata between most popular databases. This tool allows converting database structure and data from any ADO-compatible source to your databases. Data Pump provides fast, easy and customizable generation of target database tables, fields and indices according to the source database structure. Easy- to-use wizard helps you to build the ADO connection string. Other key features of the utility include: ability to create a new database or connect to the existing one; ability to view, edit and save the SQL script of generating the target database to a file; full monitoring of the pumping process; selecting tables for data import with specified criteria. DATA GENERATOR Generate test data for database testing purposes in a simple and direct way. The wizard application allows you to define tables and fields for generating data, set value ranges, generate char fields, load values for BLOB fields from files, get lists of values from SQL queries.

Download EMS SQL Management Studio for MySQL.


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