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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Core Center lets you overclockyour system from within WinXP. The soft-ware was a little more convenient than usingthe BIOS setup utility because it didn’trequire a reboot to change system settings.In the end, however, Core Center couldn’tprovide the same performance numbers weachieved using the system BIOS.Before we began overclocking, we need-ed to take some sample numbers. Our3.06GHz P4 managed a 10268 3DMark-2001 SE score. For comparison’s sake, the2.8GHz P4 we tested managed a 103503DMark score when we overclocked it to3.06GHz. PCMark2002 scores were fairlyimpressive. This P4 managed a 7531 CPUscore, but the Memory score was down abit from the previous case study at 6579(although it would improve later). The SATA driveposted a 1224 HDD score.To overclock the system, we opened the Core Center software. We clicked the redarrow on the left side of the interface to get to the overclocking op-tions. To increase theFSB speed, we clicked the radio button next to FSB and used the + and– keys to increase the speed from 133MHz to135MHz. Remember, the P4 uses a quad-pumped FSB, so the increase from133MHz to 135MHz is the same as mov-ing from a 533MHz FSB to a 540MHzFSB. We then clicked the Enter button onthe interface to apply the changes.The bump in FSB speed increased the processor’s clock speed to 3.11GHz.3DMark scores, however, fell to 10099. We upped the clock speed dramatically using the Core Center software. At 145MHz, theCPU was running at a 3.34GHz clockspeed, and we started thinking we just might get this processor above 3.5GHz.3DMark scores rebounded, rising slightly higher than our initial readings at 10277.We increased the FSB speed again to150MHz. This set the processor’s clock speed at 3.45GHz and provided us with a slightly better 10356 3DMark score.Further increases to the FSB speed made the processor unstable and caused 3DMarkto hang. We tried to increase the CPU’s.

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