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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Intel Desktop Board D845GEBV2 Specification Update

Summary Table of Changes The following table indicates the Specification Changes, Errata, Specification Clarifications, or Documentation Changes that apply to the desktop board D845GEBV2. Intel intends to fix some of the errata in a future revision of the desktop board, and to account for the other outstanding issues through documentation orspecification changes as noted. This table uses the following notations:CODES USED IN SUMMARY TABLEDoc:Document change or update that will be implemented.PlanFix:This erratum may be fixed in a future revision of the desktop board, driver, orBIOS.Fixed:This erratum has been previously fixed.NoFix:There are no plans to fix this erratum.Shaded:This erratum is either new or modified from the previous version of the document.NO. PLANSERRATA1Plan Fix Detected chassis intrusion does not log event to the BIOS Event Log in BIOS setup2FixedFan control defaults incorrectly set in BIOS for onboard hardware management ASIC3Plan Fix Sound distortion may occur when recording while using the back panel onboardmicrophone connector4Plan Fix The onboard audio solution may produce an audible buzzing sound, heard through thespeakers, when moving a desktop window with a mouse in Microsoft Windows* XP5Plan Fix Intel? 82801DB I/O Controller Hub 4 (ICH 4) Erratum 86Plan Fix Chassis intrusion event is not logged in the Advanced menu of the BIOS Event LogViewer7Plan Fix When some non-alpha numeric characters are used for the Supervisor password to enterBIOS SETUP, the password cannot be changed without clearing all BIOS passwords8Plan Fix Supervisor password cleared when 256MB or greater system memory is used9FixedSome UDMA 6 hard disk drives may not operate properlyNO. PLANS SPECIFICATIONCLARIFICATIONS1DocClarification of SMBus routing NO. PLANS DOCUMENTATION CHANGES1DocChange to description of Table 20, Section, Audio, Power, and Hardware ControlConnectors2DocRemoved note that specifies USB 2.0 support limited to Windows 2000 and Windows XPfrom Section 1.7.2, USB3DocRemoved ESCD format reference from Section 3.3.1, PCI Autoconfiguration4DocAdd Alert Standard FormatSpecification Version 1.03 Dated June 20, 2001 to Section 1.5, Design Specifications.

Download Intel Desktop Board D845GEBV2 Specification Update.


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