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Thursday, September 23, 2010


ncy software, in C, for microprocessor-based systems. It allows the programmer to take advantage of all the convenience, power, and structure of the Cprogramming language, while producing executable programs whosecompact size and fast speed of execution rivals that of programs written in assembly language.The Introl-Csoftware package includes a C Compiler, RelocatingAssembler, Linker, Loader, Library Manager, and Standard Library.This Compiler Reference Manual describes the operation, use, andfeatures of the C Compiler and Relocating Assembler.The operation and features of the Linker, Loader, and LibraryManager are described in the Linker Reference Manual.The Standard Library Manual furnishes a detailed description of thefunctions contained in the Standard Library.Nowhere in any of these manuals do we profess to teach the Cprogramming language. It is assumed the user has access to the definitive text, “The C Programming Language”, Kernighan & Ritchie(Prentice-Hall), or one of the several available C language tutorials, for questions pertaining to the particulars of the Clanguage itself. The set of Introl-C Users Manuals are intended onlyto describe Introl’s implementation of the language. This section provides a brief overview Of the general procedures forusing Introl-C and is intended to help the user get off to a “faststart” in running the Compiler and its related programs. For more detailed operating information the reader is referred to subsequent sections in this manual, as well as the other related user manuals that may have been furnished with the Introl-C package. The following comments assume that Introl-C has already been installed on the user’s system. (Refer to the Installation Instructions accompanying the Introl-C distribution diskette for applicable installation procedures.)GENERAL Introl-C is designed to enable the user to create an executable output file from a C source file with a minimum of effort. Normallyit is only necessary for the user to enter a compilation/assembly command line, and then enter a link/load command line.In the simplest case, and assuming the C source program resides in asingle file called “sieve.c”, for example, all that is necessary isto enter the compiler command line:icc sieveand then enter the linker command line:ilink sieveThe compiler command line entry will initiate execution of the Compiler, which first compiles the file “sieve.c” to produce an intermediate (and normally temporary) assembly language file, andthen automatically calls the Assembler, which assembles the Compiler’s assemblylanguage output into a relocatable module named”sieve.



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