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Friday, September 24, 2010

Mac OS X Security Configuration For Version 10.4

About This Guide9 Target Audience9 What’s New in Mac OS X Version 10.410 What’s in This Guide11 Using This Guide11 Using Onscreen Help 11 Mac Help 12 The Mac OS X Server Suite 13 Getting Documentation Updates13 Getting Additional Information 14 Acknowledgments Chapter 1 15 Introducing Mac OS X Security Architecture 16 Security Architectural Overview 16 UNIX Infrastructure 16 Access Permissions16 Security Framework 17 Layered Security Defense 18 Built-In Security Services 18 Keychain Services 18 Secure Transport Services18Certificate, Key, and Trust Services 18 Authorization Services19 Smart Card Services 19 Authorization versus Authentication Chapter 2 21 Installing Mac OS X 21 System Installation Overview 21 Disabling the Open Firmware Password 22 Installing from CD or DVD 23 Installing from the Network 23 Restoring from Preconfigured Disk Images 23 Initializing System Setup 23 Using Setup Assistant 24 Creating Initial System Accounts 25 Setting Correct Time Settings25 Updating System Software26Updating from an Internal Software Update Server 27 Updating from Internet-Based Software Update Servers 27 Updating Manually from Installer Packages 28 Verifying the Integrity of Software 28 Repairing Disk Permissions 29 Kinds of Permissions 29 POSIX Permissions Overview 29 ACL Permissions Overview30Using Disk Utility to Repair Disk Permissions Chapter 3 31 Protecting Hardware and Securing Global System Settings 31 Protecting Hardware 32 Disabling Hardware 33 Removing Mac OS 933Using the Command Line to Remove Mac OS 934Running Mac OS 9 from a CD or DVD 34 Running Mac OS 9 from a Disc Image 35 Securing System Startup 36 Using the Open Firmware Password Application 37 Configuring Open Firmware Settings 38 Using Command-Line Tools to Secure Startup 38 Requiring a Password for Single-User Mode 39 Configuring Access Warnings 39 Enabling Access Warnings for the Login Window 40 Enabling Access Warnings for the Command Line.

Download Mac OS X Security Configuration For Version 10.4.


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