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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Mac OS X Solutions Guidebook

About this Guidebook I wrote the first OS X Guide back in April of 2001, and it ran about 12 pages; this version, at well over 70pages, is basically completely new from the ground up. The Solutions Guidebook is not intended as astep-by-step primer for using OS X. To get the most from this guide, you should already have spent sometime becoming familiar with the system. If you are brand new to using OS X, there are some links in the Online Resources section that provide excellent “getting started” advice. Read those, spend some time with your machine, and then revisit this guide.In general, if you read a hint and it seems to be too difficult for your current level of OS X knowledge,mark it and return after you’re more comfortable with the system. No need rushing into a hint that you’re not fully ready to implement yet. Although 99% of the hints in this document are completely harmless, afew could potentially cause system damage if implemented incorrectly.Which brings us to the World’s Largest Disclaimer … what you do to your machine is solely your responsibility! Always make sure you have a good backup, and double-check what you’re about to dobefore it becomes what you can’t undo. I cannot guarantee the safety of anything you choose to implement from this guide, so make sure you’ve got a good backup before you start.The hints and tips in this guidebook have not necessarily all been validated by others. To the best of my knowledge, these tips should work on systems running Mac OS X 10.1 or newer, US edition. No testinghas been done on international versions of OS X, but most of this guide should apply with only mildchanges (substituting your language for “English.lproj”, for example).With that warning stated, most everything in this guidebook is in either in use on my own system or was tested there at some point, and I have not experienced any problems as a result of implementing any ofthese tips. But I do keep a very current backup at all times.This guidebook makes relatively extensive use of colors as a reading aid. I’ve tried to follow a consistent convention throughout the guide, but may have lost track in a few places. What you should see are: Large bold green Chapter titles Bold blue Hint titles and sub-headings Medium orange Initial references to third-party applications Subtle blue-gray Website addresses Monospace medium blue Command line user input Monospace red Command line output 1.1u About new versions of the guidebook Version 1.1 is the first major revision of the guidebook. All the graphics have been replaced with higher quality images, and the master document was transferred from Apple Works to Word v.X. There are also new and updated hints. If you’ve read a previous version of the guide, you can scan for new hints by looking for 1.1n at the start of each hint. Updated hints (and text) are indicated by 1.1u in the same location. Future revisions will follow the same strategy, but with (obviously) higher version numbers.

Download The Mac OS X Solutions Guidebook.


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