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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Motherboards with AMD Chipset for Multi-GPU

Build a Multi-GPU Platform with the AMD 580X chipset and AMD dual core processors for an outstanding experience.Why settle for a single GPU motherboard when you can get Multi-GPU with AMD 480X chipset at an exceptional value. AMD 580X CrossFire™ Chipset AMD 580X CrossFire™ is the only singlechip 2×16 PCI Express? chipset for AMDprocessors with: extreme overclocking and complete system control.Its perfectly suited for the AMD Athlon 64 X2.• Outstanding Performance• Maximum Flexibility• Unprecedented Control• Robust, Quiet and Energy Efficient Motherboard Features AMD 580X Overclocking Extreme PCIe Slots2 x 16PCIe lanes40SATA II Yes Dual Gbit LAN Yes High Definition AudioYesRAID0,1, 0+1USB10 AMD 480X CrossFire™ Chipset AMD 480X CrossFire™ Chipset provides Multi GPU option to everyPC user. AMD 480X Chipset combines outstanding quality, performance and upgradeability to multi-GPU operation – at unprecedented cost.• Multi-GPU Ready• Compatible with all AMD Processors• Cool and Quiet Motherboard Features AMD 480X Overclocking Good PCIe Slots2 x 8PCIe lanes24SATA II Yes Dual Gbit LAN Yes High Definition AudioYesRAID0,1, 0+1USB10 AMD CROSSFIRE CHIPSETS Copyright 2006, Advanced Micro Devices. AMD, the AMD Arrow logo, ATI, Radeon, CrossFire and any combinations thereof, are trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. M2R32-MVPM2R-MVPK9A PlatinumKA3 MVPAMD480XM-AA Live X Fire-eSATA2Infinity CFX3200-M2/GRD480-AM2 (single GPU)M2A580-GT5M2A480-VP (single GPU)M2A481-OG Pure CrossFire 3200Pure CrossFire 3200 AdvRD580AKM-AA1DAA8DAD580 Foundation for a Great Consumer Experience www.amd.com/motherboards • Trusted by Key OEMs• Supported by AMD Validated Solutions (AVS)• Robust and Stable Drivers• Multi-monitor support with DVI.

Download Motherboards with AMD Chipset for Multi-GPU.


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