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Thursday, September 23, 2010

SAPGUI Tutorial

SilkPerformer offers recording and replay support for the load testing and functional testing of SAP? systems that use the SAPGUI Scripting interface.SilkPerformer’s unique content verification feature enables you to verify application functionality even under real-world load conditions—and there by intercept application errors that occur only under load.Test scripts created for functional testing can be reused for load testing purposes,without requiring any changes.Together with its outstanding support for the load testing of Web applications,SilkPerformer supports load and functional testing of SAP R/3 4.6C, SAP R/3Enterprise (4.7), and mySAP Business Suite (and higher) via SAPGUI Client6.2 (and higher) for Windows and HTML, as well as with mySAP Enterprise Portal. Client/Server Requirements On the Server• Required patch level for SAPGUI support must be installed• Sapgui/user_scripting:- Profile parameter must be set to True. This can be changed using the transaction RZ11.On the Client• SAPGUI Client 620 or 640• Latest patch level• SAPGUI Scripting must be installed and enabled- To enable SAPGUI Scripting:o Start the SAPGUI client.o Open the Options dialog.o Select the Scripting tab.o Select Enable Scripting and deselect the two security check boxes. Available Functions SilkPerformer uses a testing interface called SAPGUI Scripting API, which has been introduced by SAP for SAPGUI Windows clients.To record and replay SAPGUI scripts, some pre-requirements must be met. To prepare your environment for SAP testing, please refer to Checking your SAP Patch Level and Enable SAP Scripting in SilkPerformer Online Help.SilkPerformer offers both a low- and high-level API for testing SAP systems.The following high-level function groups are offered:• Connecting functions• Control functions• Parsing functions• Verifying functions• Window functions Please see the SilkPerformer Online Help for a complete list of functions and function descriptions. Recording SAPGUI TestScripts Introduction This chapter explains how to generate a SAPGUI test script by recording a SAPGUI application and how to analyze a replayed test script via a Try Scrip trun. What you will learn This chapter contains the following sections: Overview SilkPerformer offers record and replay support for the load testing and functional testing of SAP systems that use the SAPGUI Scripting interface.This chapter shows you how to generate a test script by recording a SAPGUI application and then how to analyze the resultant test script by replaying it in a Try Script run. Generating Test Scripts Procedure To generate a test script by recording a SAPGUI application session:1 Click SilkPerformer’s Outline Project button to create a new project.

Download SAPGUI Tutorial.


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