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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Can not remove folder audio : Error Copying File or Folder to a USB memory stick

Can not remove folder audio : Error Copying File or Folder to a USB memory stick

If you have came across a memory stick or any pen drive which is giving a problem while copying files on it then may be you need to modify a registry setting as explained later. This specific problem was mailed by one of our regular user as he in not able to even format that drive while he can access the disk very well.

If such is the case with you then first you should confirm that there is not any physical lock system on the disk (it may be on any side of the disk like a small sliding switch). So even after the confirmation there is still the same error then may be the chances are that the registry settings has been modified because of any virus or any application you have recently installed.

So to get rid of it if you are tech guy then you can simply modify the registry setting using the regedit command from run menu.

Navigate the following menu :


and look after a key as StorageDevicePolicies and double click over it to edit the Dword value from 1 to 0. If that key does not exits then you have to create it by your own or you can download the automatic registry settings file from the link given at the bottom of the post. This file is in .zip format, extract it and double click on the “error protect” file. This will automatically add the required registry settings.

Download Registry Settings for Copying error


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