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Friday, October 29, 2010

Combine multiple powerpoint presentation in a single presentation : simple command

If you have several power point presentation then it is very likely that on many occassions you may need to play them one by one manually. Now think about a tool which is well capable to join several multiplepresentation into a single file so that you won’t need to manually select and playback specific set of file. With this tool you can build collection of several categories of your needs.

PowerPoint Joiner: it joins all the power point PPT files specified by you into one target presentation file. This is standalone application means doesn’t require any installation the only thing just download the file and run it. THis will open a window a shown below

Now the trick behind it you have to put all the powerpoint presetnation file in a single folder along with a text file with the names of the files to join; each file name will start with a new line. You can create this text file in Notepad.

Be careful: All the PPT files and this text file should be in same folder for the tool to operate.

Now just use the tool and browse for the text file created above, and after the successful operation of the tool, a new combined PPT file would have been created in the same folder created above.

Hope you would enjoy the tool to play with your powepoint (*.ppt) files though for the first attempt you may find it some tricky but after that you would really enjoy it.


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