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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Don’t trust shortened URL’s; reveal them before you visit there!

you have an twitter account? And ever noticed the url links placed in between the tweets ( I know this is a silly question as many of you may have already checked them over clicking them and knew that these are the shortcut links for the webpages). But do you know you can also create them for your needs apart from twitter to know more click on the below links:

Google service to shorten the lengthy urls: make them easy to remember

How to shorten the lengthty URL’s into small address

But now the question is why we need to shorten them; then there is two very strong reason one is to saves character so that it consumes less space and at the same time it will look very impressive. While the another reason is to hide the actual link so that no-one would know where the link will diverts.

Here the first reason deals the good part but on the other hand it can be troublesome if anyone use these service to make anyone fool.

So now if you are very conscious about these issues then the long url extension for Firefox can be very useful to you. Long URL Please replaces short urls with the originals so you can see where links actually link to. Short urls (eg http://tinyurl.com/123) simply redirect to some other page on the internet – you can’t tell what website they link to by looking at the link. This plugin fixes this by transparently replacing any of these links when every web page loads.

It is a free Firefox browser addon, that replaces short urls, on the the fly, with the originals so you can see where the links actually link to. With this tool you can actually tell if you have been to that page already or not.

Install this add-on to firefox


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