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Friday, October 15, 2010

Still Loves Windows XP: Run XP on Windows 7 with Windows XP Mode

It has more than one year passed since the final release of Windows but there are still several folks loving the Windows XP simple user interface (though it was said that Windows 7 is much easier) and are forced to use Windows7. Then they don’t have to worry as there is a solution through which you can continue with Windows XP even in the Windows 7 environment.

The feature which will enable you to run windows XP in Seven is called “XP mode on Windows 7″ and it works using a feature enabled in Windows 7 as Windows Virtual PC. Though it also has an advantage for those who loves Windows 7 but disappoints the way it handle some application not compatible to Windows 7 environment, thus using the virtual environment those application can also be run.

Now the problem: The application mention above XP Mode on Windows 7 is about 500 mbs in size and may take several minutes before you download and test. But anyway this application is quite useful and very helpful.

If you want to download the click over the image above for a download from Microsoft Website.


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