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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Share Copy Paste Clipboard Data And Screen Captures Over Internet

Many a times, we need to upload some of the screenshots or clipboard data to the web to make any presentation or for explanation of few things to our friends or colleagues. Also, while discussing some work with your colleagues on Internet, you need share your screen with them for better understanding of the things.

For this, first you have to take the captures of your screen and then, upload it for sharing so, most of you collect the screenshots and data beforehand to avoid the problems and time delay at the time of the talk. Considering this problem, there is a freeware called Ybex Clipboard which is an easy to use tool and a free web service to capture, annotate and share your screen, texts and images.

Ybex Clipboard is a smart and compact tool which will also let you copy the clipboard data between two computers securely. Both Remote Copy and Remote Paste options can be found in the context menu if you are connected to a LAN. The tool is compatible with Windows 7, vista, xp and 2000. After installation, it will run in the system tray with this icon.


But, before running, it will ask you to login with your email id to make an account on ybex.com where you can mange your uploadedimages.


After this, you can either click on the system tray icon or use keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl+shift+Y’ to open the clipboard menu in which you can share clipboard, screen or annotate and share area as per your desire.


Lets say, i will choose ‘annotate and share area’ then, i will be given my screen like this and a toolbar with the help of which i can share my ideas regarding the part of screen which i will capture.


After the work, i will just click ‘upload’ and within few minutes, my image will be uploaded to my ybex account with a notification message like this.


Now, you can click Ctrl+V in your mail program or in IM-client to paste it and use it where you want.

You can mange the uploaded images in the option of ‘Manage shared’ which will take you to your ybex account.


You can manage few settings in the ‘settings’ option which will open a new window where you can access few options like automatically check for updates, start on windows logon and more. The tool is available in only 2 languages – English and Russian.


Download Ybex Clipboard


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