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Friday, December 31, 2010

Block Bypass CPALead Survey Easiest way editing Host file using Proxy

Some of the websites which provide premium contents for free usually prefer Compulsory survey as there source of income. Most popular publisher is CPALead. This surveys are time consuming.
One may argue that it can be done using some Ad Blocker addons on browser but These Survey companies detects that you have installed Ad Blocker and do not allow to enter the premium content area. Other solution is to use Premium blocking services likeSurveyBlocker.com which costs some 10$ per month.

This kind of surveys detect ad blockers like AdBlock, Super Ad Blocker etc. So today we are going to by pass this CPAlead without using any ad blocker , just by tweaking hosts file.

Block CPA Lead Survey on Windows

Note : You must be logged in using administrator profile and may require to take ownership privilege of files before editing.
1. Go to : C:Windows\system32\drivers\etc\
2. Click on “hosts” file. Select
Open with Program as “notepad”
3. And add this two lines at end of the file . cpalead.com www.cpalead.com
4. Save the file and close the notepad.

Block CPA Lead Survey on Ubuntu or any Linux

1. Open Terminal (Press CTRL + ALT + T in Ubuntu )
2. Pass the command : sudo gedit /etc/hosts
It will ask for your administrator password.After you enter the password editor will open.If linux returned an error “gedit command not found” use other editor which is installed on your system.
3.And add this two lines at end of the file . cpalead.com www.cpalead.com

4. Save the file and close the notepad.
After you save the file.
wooho! you are done.Now if you are using Firefox, disable Adblock plus(any similar) or add an exception for cpalead.comt and www.cpalead.com. Else this wont work.

Note: This trick is independent of browser you use and after applying trick, you may have to clear browser cache to take effect instantly.
How is this working ?
We are just redirecting cpalead.com to other server who’s ip is “" and which will return an black script and will pass a variable named “isLoaded” as Boolean value “true” so that Ad Block protector will be fooled.

Will It get broken ?
Well as its a private server ( IP may get change in future so this may get broken.


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