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Friday, December 31, 2010

Google Tablet PC Soon..

Chrome Tablet device will be able to launch multiple browsers at the same time and might also prove to be a fantastic e-book reader, with ’s access to millions of books via its Books service.

The possible tablet’s screen’s format will be 4:3 and it will also offer 10-finger multi-touch navigation that will enable a user to use all his 10 fingers simultaneously. The 11.6-inch screen will be capable of displaying 1920×1080, which is full HD so it might be the first company to introduce such a high resolution on a small screen. According to some sources, HTC, the same company that built the Nexus One, might also build the Chrome Tablet.

Interestingly, the prototype came only a few days after the launch of Apple’s iPad and one can not help but notice a number of similarities as well, from the screen format to the thick bezel and the round edges. Many think that ’s decision to wait until after the launch of the Apple iPad might have been voluntary.
At the end of the day, the internet-connected tablet market is getting hot and not only Apple and but many other companies are fighting to get to the top. The question is, whether ’s tablet will be different enough to survive the increasing competition.

We could still have a Chrome OS tablet by Christmas.



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