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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Teach Computer Basics Using Extremely Easy Videos Tutorials

Google has started a very user friendly way of teaching computer’s basics to the people who are not very well acquainted with basics of using a computer. They have started a website called the TeachParentsTech.org which features a very simple and easy interface to send your parents a video via email. These videos are very short and so simple that even grand mom can easily understand it and use it.


The interface and options to use have been kept really simple and easy too. You can create a customized message page which will be sent along with an embed video to the email id which you enter. In this post I will show you a small demo of the same.

First of all, fill in the form on main page, it shows to whom you want to send this form, what you want to send and then you just click the preview button.


It shows you a full preview of the message, you can also play and see the video yourself before you send it out via email.


Enter your email id and the recipient’s email id and press “Yes,send” button.


This is how the message looks like in the email inbox.


Hope you will find this really helpful to teach your parents basic stuff on computer like changing wallpaper, sharing pictures, changing text size on screen, take screenshot and loads of other basic stuff, so check out the TeachParentsTech.org and tell us how you find it.


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