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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Facebook Secure Session’s Flaw Detected–Beware

We mentioned earlier that Facebook has announced the usage of HTTPS over their website. So, the interested users can opt for this option, if they want to go for secure browsing, but the only problem which we mentioned earlier is that the third party applications will not run on HTTPS as Facebook cannot display that data over that protocol but they are still working on it. Recently a great flaw was observed on Facebook HTTPS settings. In this post I will be talking about it.
Now if any user wants to opt for HTTPS secure browsing then they can change the settings and then every time when you will open Facebook you will HTTPS instead of HTTP. Now if you are browsing various applications on Facebook and suddenly you come across an application which cannot run on HTTPS but you want to go for using it, then you can choose the Continue button on that error in order to end that HTTPS session and then you can work on that application with HTTP session.

As soon as you pressed the Continue button, you must have expected
that secure browsing has been disabled for that particular session, whereas actually by clicking on that button you are changing the setting of your account by unchecking the box for using HTTPS by default. Let me tell you that you will not receive any dialogue box telling you that this change has happened rather this change will take place without intimating you anything.


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