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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

[How To] Password protect your files and folders on Windows

Most of us often need a way to hide files and folders on our computer for one or the other reason. Today I am going to show you guys a 100% working way to password protect your computer files and folders.
TrueCrypt is a freeware developed to encrypt user files on Windows.

Follow the step by step guide given here to know how to encrypt your files.But before doing that download and install TrueCrypt from here.
  1. After installing TrueCrypt run the exe file.
  2. On the first screen click on “Create volume” button.
  3. On next screen select “Create an encrypted file container” and click next.
  4. In volume type select “Standard TrueCrypt volume” and click next.
  5. In next screen it’ll ask you to select a file. This file will be used to create a virtual drive on your computer. All your data will be written in this file. Just click on “Select File”. Create a new file anywhere you want and click next.
  6. In all other screens do not change any options just keep clicking on next. Select a password when it prompts you to enter a password. At the end it will ask you to format. Click on the format button and done. (Don’t worry, formatting will not delete any data from your computer. It’ll just create a new virtual hard drive.)
  7. By now you’ve created a virtual drive. Now its time to mount it. Select the drive name from the main window and then click on “Select File”. Select the file you created while creating the drive and done. Your encrypted virtual drive is ready.
  8. Now whenever you feel like encrypting (hiding) some data just mount your drive using TrueCrypt and copy all your data to this drive. And when you’re done DO NOT FORGET TO UNMOUNT THE DRIVE.  Because it does not require password to open the drive and files in it. It will ask you for the password only when you are mounting the drive. So keep that in mind.

Play Safe, Stay Safe!! ;)


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