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Friday, May 6, 2011

Google Adwords Editor: Desktop Application for Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Using the right keywords for every article in our blog is the most important thing in getting an organic traffic from search engines. Therefore, when deciding to publish our post to the world, we have to really make sure that the most searched keywords in search engines should be deployed inside our post content, and especially in the post title.

If you are having a problem in finding the right keywords for each of your posted articles, you can try a great keyword tool from Google called “Google Adwords Keyword Tool”. Apart from the accuracy of this tool in getting the right keywords, Google Adwords Keyword Tool can actually bring new ideas for you to write new blog articles.

Anyway, besides Google Adword Keyword Tool, Google Adword has also developed the desktop application of their keyword tool on internet, and it's called Adwords Editor.

If you really want to start using this tool, you can download it first via Google website .

Download Adwords Editor

And then, after opening this desktop application on your laptop, you can enter to your account by using your own Google/Gmail account. And if you want to enter to the keyword tool just like in the Google Adwords website, then go to the navigation Tools > Keyword Opportunities.


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