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Friday, May 6, 2011

Google blog service, Blogger, has carved its name as one of the best inventions in the history of mankind. Its fan base keeps insanely growing over the time and put Blogger in the top 10 of the most visited sites around the world (according to Alexa).

Used to be, people blog about their personal life, their daily problems, or even their complaints and abhorrence regarding some commercial service or product. But as a time passed, the use of blog has been revolutionized to the point that we would never believe it before. Now people use blog to promote their stuff (product or service), to market their company, and the most important thing, to generate more steady income than they would never achieve before.

In spite of those many profitable uses of blog, the one thing that shouldn’t be forgotten its existence from blog is the widget or plugin element. Apart from the function to enhance the functionality of blog, blog widget or plugin has been developed further to better and modernize the interface of blog to the upfront. More and more of them keep coming like crazy. With blog widgets, there are many things you can do on your blog, such as: can gain popularity for your blog, improve your productivity of writing, play games, and even run a virtual business right away on your blog.

In this article, I want to share to you some of the best blogger widget, to be exact, 24 best blogger widgets that I’ve been utilizing them from time to time up until now. Okay, without long much more introduction, Voila!! (Here you go!!):

1. Related Post Plugin
In the world of blogging, unique visitors that land from search engines to your blog should be treated well because they just discovered your blog. So the best way to keep them enjoying and exploring your blog is by adding Related Posts plugin, a powerful widget that will automatically generate all the related links that have relevancy with the post you are currently reading, which eventually will increase the total pageviews of your blog.

How to Install Related Posts Plugin

2. RSS Feed for Comments and Posts
Some readers who find blog interesting to read are also eager to get the latest updates from that blog. By the fact is, not many people are familiar with the use email or any kind of internet tool, which is the key access to receive updates from blog. So how exactly to let them know every time we make a new post if they don’t know have email? Luckily, with the help of RSS Feed of Comments and Posts, they can easily navigate and read all the newest articles along with the comments through that RSS features.

How to Install RSS Feed Subscription Widget: Dashboard > Layout/Design > Page Element > Add a Gadget > RSS Subscription

3. Feedburner Subscription Widget
The difficulty to get updates from blogs finally can be tackled by using a powerful subscription tool from Google called Feedburner. With Feedburner, now getting the latest articles from blogs can be so much easier these days. Readers will only need to leave their email addresses, and Feedburner will automatically process and send them the email updates every time blogger publish new articles.

How to Install Feedburner Subscription Service Widget

4. Popular Posts Widget
Popular Post Widget, a plugin which is officially developed by Blogger service, will help bloggers show off the most popular articles in their blogs, depends on the total visits of the articles. It is believed that Popular Posts widget can increase the total pageviews of blogs.

How to Install Popular Posts Widget: Dashboard > Layout/Design > Page Element >Add a Gadget > Popular Post

5. Recent Comments Widget
Recent Comments widget is the most popular widget across the blogosphere which has a main function to generate all the latest comments that have been made by visitors on blog articles. All in one structured and tidy list.

How to Install Recent Comment Widget

6. Recent Posts Widget
Like the Recent Comments widget, Recent Posts widget will also generate the last articles that have been posted on your blog.

How to Install Recent Post Widget

7. Top Commentators Widget
Used to be, many bloggers find it hard to get their blog address to appear on some popular blogs, because asking popular blogs to exchange link to them requires monthly payment. Luckily, with the help of Top Commentator widget, they will be encouraged to leave as many as possible comments in order to advertise their blogs on those popular blogs for completely free.

How to Install Top Commentator Widget

8. Web Statistic Widget
Many web statistics offer great service that each of them has its pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages. But if you ask me about what web statistic that I’ve been using up until now, which I never had any problem using it, I will definitely say that Sitemeter is still my best favorite tool to count the total traffic in every single day, while Google Analytics (my second best) has its own strength compared to Sitemeter.

How to Install Webstat Sitemeter Widget

9. Alexa Rank Widget
I think the one thing that really has the biggest impact for improving my writing productivity for my blog definitely is the Alexa rank. You might be baffled with that. But let me tell you this. Every time I look at my Alexa rank of my blog, suddenly, it gives me such a great motivation to keep writing and writing on my blog in order to improve my Alexa ranking better in the future.

How to Install Alexa Widget

10. Pagerank Widget
Many bloggers have stripped off this widget long time ago because there are many add-ons or extension on internet browser (e.g. Firefox add-ons) that has the same function to track the Pagerank of blogs right away on the browser. But for some people, who currently haven’t ranked on Google (N/A Pagerank), the use of Google Pagerank widget on blog will let them updated with their Pagerank every time they visit their sites.

How to Install Pagerank Checker Widget

11. Blog Archive Widget
Besides Alexa rank, Blog Archive widget has also done many great things to me to help me boost my productivity of writing to the better level. So every time I see that the total article of my blog is still averagely small in every month, I tend to do better in the next month and the next month. It’s like racing with the total of our posts.

How to Install Blog Archive Widget: Dashboard > Layout/Design > Page Element > Add a Gadget > Blog Archive

12. Social Bookmarking Site List Widget
Who says that these days, bookmarking sites has a mediocre function in improving our blog’s growth. Think again. With the help of this sites, who knows if one day, someone finds one of your articles and submit it to one of the bookmarking sites, and the other will do the same. And eventually, your blog will earn instant popularity and exposure at the same time.

How to Install Social Bookmarking Site List Widget

13. AddThis Widget
Used to be, you would see lots of social bookmarking sites on this widget. But now, all of them have been shrunk down to only 2 of the most powerful social media sites across the internet, Twitter and Facebook.

How to Install AddThis Widget (Facebook and Twitter)

14. Digg it Widget
There has been a discussion across the blogosphere that nowadays, no one uses Digg anymore because this site is starting to fall down to the ground. But if you are still curious to see if your blog can have digs from its users, you can try using this widget and see the result for yourself.

How to Install Digg Plugin "DIgg it"

15. Twitmeme
Unlike Digg.com, Twitmeme is still the best tool to generate traffic from the Twitter land. You can see there are lots of bloggers are still using Twitmeme to get instant traffic back to their blogs.

How to Install Retweet Button Twittmeme Widget

16. Slideshow Flash Widget
In this blog, I’ve already uncovered many tips about adding flash slideshow widget for your Blogger-powered blog. By adding this flash slideshow widget, the sophistication of your blog will be enhanced to the next level.

How to Install Flash Slideshow Widget

17. Convert Blog Article to PDF Widget
Reading blog articles can be so much easier if it’s done in offline mode. Unfortunately, blog is operating in online mode, and can be accessed only with the internet connection with it. But now, visitors won’t need to worry about that issue anymore because by adding a useful PDF widget on your blog, readers can be easily download your blog articles to their computer in the form of PDF file (e-book).

How to Install PDF HTML Online Widget

18. Twitter Updates Widget
Many bloggers feel that when they say something or make updates via Twitter, the readers of their blogs should get informed about it. That’s why by installing a useful widget from Twitter, every time you write anything via Twitter, it will be automatically stacked on the Twitter widget of your blog and finally, readers will never miss anything from your Twitter account.

How to Install Twitter List Widget and How to Install Twitter List Widget with CSS Style?

19. Chess Board Widget
Playing Chess with your friend can be so exciting, but what if you are not that good at playing chess? Well, you can be easily outclassed by your friend. Luckily, by installing a virtual chess board widget on your blog, you and your blog visitors can now practice the skill of playing chess even better than before.

How to Install Chess Board Widget

20. Shoutmix or Chat Box Widget
The best way to keep visitors from leaving our blog is by giving them a chatting facility on our blog. Now with the chatting widget from Shoutmix, now you and your blog visitors can have a comfortable conversation right away in the steady real-time chatting box, without being interrupted by the lame internet connection.

How to Install Chat Box Widget

21. Google Translator Widget
If you blog in English, there is a small chance your blog will get visited by people who don’t use English as their native language. Whereas, there are lots of potential readers across the world that shouldn’t be underestimated their existence. Google Translator Widget can be the savior for that matter. By adding this widget on your blog, your blog visitors can easily transform your English to their own favorite language directly on your blog.

How to Install Google Translator Widget

22. Coffee Shop Game Widget
Who says that running a coffee shop business can only be done in the real life? Right now, if you really have a big dream to run your own coffee shop, why don’t you install this widget on your blog, and suit yourself to be a boss in the virtual life. Actually, it’s quite pathetic. But what the heck!

How to Install Coffee Shop Widget

23. Crash Bandicoot Game Widget
If you think the coffee shop widget above is the best game widget you’ve ever seen so far. Think again. Have you ever played a popular platform game on Playstation called “Crash Bandicoot”? If you have played it, then you must install this flash-based game widget and try it on your blog.

How to Install Crash Bandicoot Game Widget

24. Google Follower Widget
Writing blog while you have a great amount of followers can be so motivating. That’s why, if you are still in the beginning process of building your blog, you should have placed this widget on your blog and hook more and more followers in the future.

How to Install Google Follower Widget: Dashboard > Layout/Design > Page Element > Add a Gadget > Google Follower

25. Wordpress Comment box on Blogger
Although I shouldn’t consider this element as a widget, having a Wordpress-wannabe comment box on your Blogger-powered blog is a great thing. Firstly, it looks similar with the on Wordpress self hosted blog. And secondly, it reduces the length of your post and streamlines the loading time of your article page even better than before. Yes, it’s true. By installing this element on your Blogger blog, every time you visit your post page, the loading of your post content is automatically separated with the loading of the comment section. You should try this awesome element.

How to Install Wordpress Plugin Comment Box

So yeah, those are my 25 best favorite blogger widgets that many of them have played the biggest part in my blogging journey so far. What about you? Do you have any other favorite blogger widget that i haven't uncovered yet in this article? Feel free to share yours in the comment section below.


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