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Saturday, May 28, 2011

How to configure ultrasurf with Mozilla Firefox: Ultrasurf Plugin for Mozilla Firefox – Step by step process

Ultrasurf is still the most used Prosy Software used to access sites blocked in several countries or areas where admins not allowed the sites like Orkut, Facebook etc. from being visited. But even it is the most popular; configuring it with Mozilla Firefox is still a nightmare for most of new users. Now in this step by step procedure you will learn how to use Ultrasurf with Mozilla Firefox effectively…
Step By Step Procedure to Ultrasurf to be used with Mozilla Firefox:
1. First of all you need to download Utrasurf follow the link here and run it as it does not require any installation so it will run instantly.
2. Noticed that you have the screen like shown below and a golden lock at the right bottom corner.
(Plz notice once you run the application it will automatically open the Internet Explorer to disable it and to hide the golden lock then click on the option ; you will get an option as shown below now click on the options marked in red as per your needs.)....

3. Also note that as Ultrasurf running now you can surf the Web anonymously without being noticed now the further steps are the configuration for Mozilla Firefox (But don’t close Ultrasurf as it require to function it properly on Mozilla Firefox)
4.Now Download wjbutton_en.xpi from the link here. Unzip it, drag the wjbutton_en.xpi file to firefox window.
5. It will ask you a confirmation Click the “Install” button in the pop-up window to install it. The UltraSurf icon will show at the right-bottom of the firefox window. Close all firefox windows and re-open firefox.
6.Upon restart notice a grey-out UltraSurf icon in the right corner of Mozilla Firefox which means UltraSurf is disabled. A bright colorful icon means UltraSurf is enabled. Click it to enable/disable it. To change the settings or uninstall it, go to “tools/add-ons” of Firefox.
7. If it bright colored as shown in below image you can surf any site you want.
That’s all for now …. enjoy anonymous surfing… in case if any problem plz do mention in comments section I would love to hear from you.


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