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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

13 Important statistics that u must observe in your Website !

There are a plenty of statistics that we should observe in our website for making its performance much better. In order to become successful in blogging, a blogger must observe everything on his website.
If we observe such statistics of our website we could easily understand everything about our websites, like its growth, daily traffic, details of visitors etc. and thereby we can improve our website’s performance by analyzing these statistics of our website, By analyzing the certain statistics of our website we could easily understand the defects of our websites and by understanding the defects we could take required measures to overcome that defect, this is the biggest advantage of analyzing statistics of our website.
Here in this article I am giving you certain most important statistics that you must observe in your website


This is probably one of the most important points in the statistics of your blog. You have to analyze the attendance of your website, which means you have to observe whether the visitors are increasing or decreasing. If it is increasing you have to find the reason for increasing traffic and be on that way! If the number of visitors is decreasing you also have to find the reasons for these changes, and take required steps to overcome it!

Most Popular Articles

You have to find which are most popular articles on you website and have to find the reasons for its popularity, and apply these to all future articles on your website.


You have to find which are websites link to you? If it is another blog, it may be worthwhile to build a partnership to continue to support each other. Also you have to check the traffic source of your website, by that you can identify the shares of each websites in your total traffic!

Search questions

You have to find what the people are looking for? And if you found the answer give them what they needed, so they will be pleased in you and will become a regular reader of your website!!


You have to analyze keywords which bring high traffic to your websites. And you have to concentrate on those keywords and by developing that you can also develop your search engine visibility!

Annual Trends

You have to find whether the number of visitors in increasing or decreasing per month, that means you have to analyze the visitors in each month and find whether it is increasing or decreasing annually. And you have to find is there any certain trends that play a role in changing number of visitors.
Daily / Weekly Trends should also be observed, at what times in one day you get the most traffic? On which days is the busiest on your blog? By finding answers to these questions you will get clear ideas about the interest of your readers and you can move on that way!!

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate states that the amount of time readers spend on your website, it have a key role in determining your website rank. So analyzing it is very important for a blogger. You have to find the reasons for increased bounce rate and decreased bounce rate, and take appropriate measures. By sticking your readers on your website, your website can get a massive rank among search engines. Inlinking can be practiced for improving your bounce rate.

Page Views

How many pages are viewed by a user per session? This is an important indication of whether a user is busy with your blog for a long time or by reading a short article he immediately disappears, By identifying the decrease and increase of your page views you can take steps required. Inlinking is a great way to increase page views.

Time on the page

This factor is similar to the evaluation of page views. How much time user spends on my website? What is the reason for it? These all to be find and observed. By improving this you can also improve your bounce rate! Making comment section convenient for readers will enhance the total time they spend on our website.

New vs Returning Visitors

You have to analyze the number of new visitors and returning visitors, If the amount of returning visitors is decreasing then it is the time for you to make changes immediately, because it shows that no users likes your website or its content, it depends on his website design, quality of content, loyalty to readers, behaviour etc.. We have to take steps to make our readers coming back to our website.

Exit Pages

You have to analyze the pages of your website where most number of visitors exit from your website, and observe that page and find the defects of that page. By improving such pages we can reduce the immediate exit of readers from our website, Sometimes it may be increased spelling mistakes, grammar problems, formatting problems, decreased page loading speed or might be any other which makes reader unsatisfied.

Monetization statistics

You have to analyze current earnings of the blog and compare it with previous and find whether it is increasing or decreasing and take required measures to increase it. Also try to find what sources of income worth for you, which might not be worthwhile? Where there is opportunity for optimization? Finding answers to all these and take steps to improve your earnings!

Other statistics

There are still a lot of other statistical values that you can observe on your website for its better performance. For example, details about browsers, visitors details like their country, language, etc… And the defects can be analyzed and improve such defects in your website. This will help you to build a successful website with enough visitors!!
I hope you understand my points and those who don’t start to analyze these statistics of your website must start it for your website’s success! Try to analyze this and see the performance of your website with just one month!!

As I say always I need your suggestions and proposals for improvement of our website and contents, don’t forget to comment whatever you feel whether it is criticism or anything..