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Friday, June 10, 2011

25+ Sites to Download Your Free Linux Ebooks

There are more than 20 sites listed below which list an enormous amount of freely downloadable ebooks on Linux and any other closely related topics. A rough figure would estimate (ignoring duplicates) the number of ebooks in the range of thousands. Let’s get straight to the content shall we …

  1. DailyArtisan – 63 ebooks (Various Categories)
  2. LinuxHaxor – 68 ebooks
  3. Freebookcentre – 49+ ebooks (Various Categories)
  4. OnlineComputerBooks – 6 ebooks
  5. Mascat’s Linuxbooks – 112 ebooks
  6. Free-ITEbooks – 8 ebooks
  7. Linux.org – 14 ebooks + free softwares and other related ebooks.
  8. Techbooksforfree – 21 ebooks
  9. Scribd (User specific) – 19 ebooks
  10. FreeComputerbooks (Various Categories)
  11. HomeLinux.net – 60 ebooks
  12. Opensourceproject.org.cn – Too many to count
  13. FreeProgrammingebooks – Too many to count
  14. Bellevuelinux.org – 47+ ebooks
  15. TLDP.org – 35 ebooks (various formats)
  16. Linuxtopia.org – Too many to count (Various categories)
  17. Whitepapers & Ebooks on Linux – 2 documents
  18. The Development of the Linux USB Subsystem (PDF)
* Note that some of the sites above host the files on their own server. Bandwidth is not cheap these days and having said that, if there’s a slight indication that they encourage donations to keep the server running, feel free to chip in a small amount.
Other sites (Web 2.0, search engines, etc.)
  1. WePapers – Search for Linux
  2. eSnips
  3. Calameo – Search for Linux
  4. Issuu
  5. Gazhoo
  6. Bookmooch – Exchange books
  7. Google Books
  8. Scribd – Search for Linux
  9. Docstoc
  10. PDFGeni – PDF Search Engine
File Search directly from Google on Linux related materials
  1. PDF files
  2. DOC files