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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Better, Effective Windows Task Manager With Process Security Level, Priority, CPU Usage

While running any of the application in your system, you might even don’t know the number of processes that runs in the background. Lots of processes consume lot of memory of your RAM, thus making the speed of your system quite slow. Among these processes, some threats also work through some services pretending themselves to be important for your system and priority services. Normally, to have a complete picture of these processes users make use of Windows Task Manager, which gives the complete description of all the currently running processes and also other related information.

Similar to this task manager, we introduce another utility to you. WinUtilities Process Security is an alternative to your windows Task-Manager and very much similar to it. It is also a powerful Task Manager which shows all active and running processes on your computer. With this freeware tool, you can easily recognize the threat which may be caused by any of the processes running in your system. Apart from this, you can even put an unknown process into quarantine or you may also search the internet in order to get complete information about that process.
As said earlier, WinUtilities Process Security is a powerful Task Manager which shows all active processes on your computer. It actually tells you exactly what programs are running on your computer and their details along with the functions they do on your PC. If you want to see further details of some process that you can do that by simply selecting any of those processes and then you may easily view the details. It comes with one more option where you can Google the details apart from the regular properties window.
WinUtilities Process Security gives netbook and laptop users more facilities by giving them control over the active and running system processes and also provide detailed information about memory and CPU usage. Along with this it also provides, some additional information about Virtual Memory Space Addressing table storage in which address pointers are mapped with virtual memory addresses. This tool comes with Security Risk Rating which helps you in recognizing those processes which may prove to be a threat for your system.

Once you install the application in your system, you simply have to launch the application with administrative privileges. After launching, it will automatically start scanning all the running process and services and show them in main window. So, in this way you can make sure that your system is free from threats and if there are any processes which are consuming lots of memory from your RAM, you may simply end or kill those processes.
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