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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beware- Fraud Security Experts Collecting Personal & Financial Information Over Phone Calls

Now this type of scam is really horrible, you must have got some idea after reading the title of this post. The scammers are now pretending to be security experts and they are fooling their victims to poke out their personal or financial details, which causes them to lose their money at the end. In this post we will talk more about it, with some of the stats which may put you in astonishment.

After completing the survey of 7,000 users in United States, Ireland, UK and Canada, Microsoft reached to a conclusion that there are 15 percent of them who have been attacked by the scam mentioned above. These scammers call users and they pretend to be calling from one of the firms which are known for their security solutions. Victim blindly trust them and they give the all the information required by them and this leads to the loss of money from their accounts and if they did not lose the money then their computer started malfunctioning.

As per the stats this has been observed that the amount of users being attacked by this scam were quite considerable in Ireland, as every fourth user got attacked by this scam. Around 79 percent of those who were attacked by this scam lost their money and around half of them after their credential rights to the scammers got some of the viruses and other malwares installed on their system leading to the loss of their important data.

The pattern of the attack tells that the scammers have been attacking the sites where most of the people are comfortable in talking in English. So, next time when you receive any call from any security expert do not go on releasing the information from our side, rather tell him or her to respond later, meanwhile you can check the credentials of the person by calling the company from which he or she was affiliated. Now scammers are calling themselves to guide you to install any malware or virus which can be really fatal for you, so please do take preventive measures mentioned above and do comment the post if any scammer attacked you.