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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Check, Analyse Hard Disk, USB Portable Drive Speed, Sector Read Errors

While storing data on your system, you don’t even notice how much data has already been stored and what is the current state of your hard disk. Users don’t even consider checking the health of the hard disk.
As we know, it is normally said that all disks eventually die, and the reason behind this is very simple. As we know, data on a modern disk drive is written or read with the help of write/read heads and platters.
Rotation of these platters if so frequent that it becomes very difficult to even maintain a small tolerance between the disk heads and the magnetic media that store data. Along with such high speeds, they often run in dusty, overheated environments, thrashing on heavily loaded or poorly managed machines for the whole day even for weeks. So, it’s not surprising that experienced users are all too familiar with the causes of a dying disk and they even know that this is going to happen with their machines.
In order to avoid these kind of situations where strange things start happening and you receive error messages on your screens, we recommend you to use a tool which can check and monitor the status and health of your hard disk. EASIS Drive Check is a simple yet very powerful tool which can serve your purpose by checking and monitoring the health of your hard drives or other storage devices attached to your PC such as USB pen drives, external hard drives, etc.
While being used for a long period of time, your drives might contain errors and other issues due to some virus, infected files or due to some other reasons. But, this tool provides you with a complete information in the form of a report on the errors on your hard disk. This tool includes two tests in order to diagnostic hard drives or media failures which is an advantage in the case of any disaster and if there is any need of data recovery.
After launching the tool you may start by checking out the S.M.A.R.T. values of internal ATA/IDE hard disk drives and this tool interpret their values. It shows a large number of values to help you find out whether your hard disk requires changing. One of the other approach is to test sector read possibilities of the media surfaces because storage devices die often slow, starting with a few sector read errors. It is one of the feature if this tool that you may check out each sector on the media surface for any errors.

These tests performed by the tool are made ‘read only’ so that none of your data from the hard disk is removed or deleted during the test. Then once, these tests are over user is informed about the complete scenario in the form of reports. So, finally we can say that if you aren’t aware of the condition of your hard drives then you may not be able to save your valuable data before it’s too late. As, it is a fact that not all hard drive crashes are random. You may have time to backup your data before it fails completely. So, use this tool and avoid any of such situation.
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