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Saturday, June 11, 2011

How to Protect Yourself from SPAM in Facebook ?

Social media is getting tremendous growth across the globe. Facebook stands no1 by beating all its competitors in the past few years. Though facebook was online for long time, its the Internet revolution thats happening in many part of the world. People like to meet and share their thoughts and views with their family and friends. Social media stands first to serve their data at the level best. Facebook looks simple, easily accessible (user interface) and has features that one like to do with their friends and family.

That makes the facebook to stand out of the crowd compare to other social media applications like Orkut, Hi5 and Myspace.
I didnt mean to say that other social networking tools are not effective. They are doing great to serve certain community of people BUT, facebook pulls the plug easily with its apps, api’s and so on. Let me start our first post of Facebook TUT with a security tip today. Its about “protecting your facebook account from facebook spam messages“.
Step 1: Login to your Facebook account
Facebook LoginStep 2: Access “Account” -> “Privacy Settings” from the Top left corner.
Facebook Privacy SettingsStep 3: Uncheck “Friends can post on my Wall” box to prevent from Spam messages being posted on your wall without your permission.
Facebook Privacy SettingsThat is all it takes to prevent your friends or spam bots from posting links on your facebook wall.

How to Post messages on locked Facebook Wall ?

Facebook Tag is the only option to post some message that you like to share with your friend. You can update the status in your wall and just use @username (replace username with your friends profile name) and that is all. Your friend will get a notification and you can further proceed with the discussion from your wall update. Have fun ! Happy Facebooking !