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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How To Find New Useful Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome keeps us updating with the new Google Chrome Extensions. These extensions not only helps us in making the work easy but sometimes also makes the internet usage really very interesting. But at the same time if we have to waste the time in searching for the useful extension then it is quite difficult. The better option is to receive the updates of the new extensions available. So, why you have to bother about the problems? Google Chrome has provided a new extension for this purpose also. The extension named as Latest Chrome Extensions is designed for this purpose.

Latest Chrome Extensions is a google chrome extension available free of cost. As the name suggests, it will keep on updating you with all the latest extensions provided to the user. It is a small tool and will be installed very fast.  It will present at the right hand top corner with the other browsers as shown in the snapshot below.
Extensions › New Additions - Chrome Web Store - Google Chrome_2011-07-01_16-48-06
The features of the Latest Chrome Extensions are as: It will display the latest ten google chrome extensions being updated. The new extension will be displayed with the name of extension, its icon, designer, rating, description and the number of comments. All the extensions will be opened in the new tab. You can mark the view extensions. Whenever a new extension is to be updated, it will be displayed above the system tray as the desktop notification and a counter badge will be present over the icon. You can view the latest comments and ratings of the extensions also.
There are few options available so that the user can define the specifications according to the requirement. By default, the update is checked after every 30 min. You can change the time as per your requirement. Also, the default display of number of extensions to be displayed is ten which can be changed to the desired value. The new extension notification will be displayed above the system tray as a pop up when it is launched. It will be also added to the list. And similarly you can specify the action to be taken after the popup is closed.
Latest Chrome Extensions Options - Google Chrome_2011-07-01_16-53-04

So, now you don’t have to visit the google chrome extension gallery regularly for the updates. All the latest extensions will be available on your chrome as update and you can use them whenever they are needed. So, enjoy the latest extensions and make your browsing and internet usage more easier.
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