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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What is NSIS error stand for? How to overcome NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) installer error?

Have you ever downloaded any program from Internet and after the download you felt disappointed because of; the program you downloaded is denying the installation, giving an unknowingly error message as “NSIS error”.

Now the question arises What this NSIS error stand for and the ways to overcome this error?

NSIS stand for Nullsoft Scriptable Install System. The error usually comes when the installer file of the software has been altered and is no longer the same as the one released by the developer.
This happens only because if out windows program is infected by a virus or there any malware cookie stored in the browsers; which when the program is in download process corrupts the file adding any malicious code..
So, now the best way to overcome this error is that you should scan your system with any effective anti-virus program.. and make sure you have deleted the stored cookies. and then again downloaded the effected program.
The steps are given below:
•  Clear your browser’s cache.
•  Disable any download accelerators or managers and download the installer again.
•  Rename the installer so it is a simple one-word name with no special characters (without removing the .exe suffix). Example: install.exe
•  Download the installer from another source approved by the software developer or publisher. It might be corrupted on the server, or the connection to the server is unreliable from your location.
•   Try downloading the tool from another computer as well.

But in case if you are sure that the file you downloaded is free of any virus and you not need to download it again but want to run the installer in any way you can the go ahead but keep in mind that this way you can extract the content but in case if it contains any malicious code; you system  may behave abnormal.

How to extract installer file if the setup is corrupt?

•    Run cmd to open Command Line.
•    Drag the installer into the window (it will list the path of the setup file)
•    Press Space and type /NCRC
•    Press Enter
The installer will start installing the setup.
Hope it may have solve the issues; but I have also read somewhere in any forum that changing the installation drive may also solve the issue… you can also try this tip…
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