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Thursday, August 18, 2011

To Fix Add-ons Compatibility Problem Of Firefox 6

After Installing FireFox 6 many user get problems to continue with same Add-ons.But today i got solution from  hackapc.com .
its amazing,i hope its also helpfull you to.today i write that solution here follow them & like the artical if you really like my post.

Solution 1:

The first is to install an add-on: Compatibility-Reporter . After installing and restarting Firefox our applications should be back compatible, but if it doesn’t work not, try solution 2.

Solution 2:

Go to the Mozilla site and search for the extension that you would like to install but that is no longer compatible. Click on the link for download, but instead of  clicking install, right click and select “Save Target As”. Download the. Xpi file and click on it with the right mouse button and open it with “Archive Manager” (it may change from system to system, this entry) format. Xpi is just an archive that you can extract or open!
Inside we will find a file called install.rdf: open it with any text editor and find the following line:
Em: MinVersion 2.0 / em: MinVersion
em: maxVersion 5.0 .* / em: maxVersion

Where maxVersion indicates the maximum version
compatible with Firefox while MinVersion the minimum version. Replace with 5.0 .* 6 .* or whatever version of Firefox with the addon you want to make compatible, save and install the extension by dragging it into Firefox window. If everything is successful you will get your extension installed after the restart!

VIA: [hackapc]