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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Remove Picasa Web Albums From Android Gallery

Android phones have the capability of not only  showing what you have inside the memory card but also from your google picasa web albums, even your profile pictures google and facebook profile. This is done through sync feature of web accounts which is a very nice feature of android OS. You can synchronize much more accounts than google or facebook by navigating into Settings > Accounts and Sync in your android phone.

But for most of the users have complaints about showing their private photos on gallery app. This is quite frustrating where there you have blogger accounts and your uploaded images are shown up in your smart phone gallery. however the removal of these pictures from gallery is not direct but is related to account sync. Here's how to remove picasa web albums from gallery of your android smartphone.
To disable Web pictures from gallery:

1. On your android phone, goto Settings > Accounts and Sync settings > manage accounts.

2. This will show up the internet accounts that you've currently synching. Open your gmail account and uncheck Picasa web albums. you're done. 
3. After the media scan you'll notice that the picasa images are being removed from gallery.
VIA : [trickswindows]