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Friday, November 25, 2011

History Of MicroSoft (Part-1)

Thirty-five years ago, a nineteen year old kid named Bill Gates and his twenty-two year old business partner named Paul Allen sold their first program to a little computer company in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The program was called BASIC, and it was the start of the company we call Microsoft.


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For Microsoft, 1976 was the first year with an official name and it was the first time Bill Gates raised the issue of piracy; Marc McDonald was also hired as their first full-time employee.

For Microsoft, 1977 marks the beginning of an official partnership between Paul Allen and Bill Gates while the FORTRAN-80 (Microsoft's second language product) finally becomes available.

For Microsoft, 1978 begins with the announcement of the Microsoft COBOL-80, which conforms to the 1974 ANSI standards for 8080, Z80, and 8085 microprocessor systems. The company establishes their first international sales office and fiscal year sales for the first time exceed one million dollars.

For Microsoft, 1979 is all about Basic when the M6800 version is released, and the 8080 version becomes the first microprocessor software product to win the ICP Million Dollar Award; The Company also announces the availability of Microsoft BASIC Compiler for 8080 and Z-80 CP/M systems.

For Microsoft, 1980 means a new decade and a new technology. MSFT introduces the Z-80 SoftCard, Steve Ballmer joins the company and they announce XENIX OS, a portable, UNIX-based operating system for 16-bit microprocessors.

For Microsoft, 1981 means an entrance into the Operating Systems Business. The company is also organized into a privately held organization and revenue jumps to over 17 million bucks.

For Microsoft, 1982 means a new Chief Operating Officer, a new logo, and the very first in-house fax machine.

For Microsoft, 1983 means the end of an era with the resignation of Paul Allen, the introduction of MS - DOS 2.0, and the formation of Microsoft Press (a trade-book publishing division specializing in computer books).

For Microsoft, 1984 means a partnership with Apple... Microsoft Press also introduces its first two titles, and the company creates a new Hardware and Peripherals Division (dedicated to developing and marketing hardware products).

For Microsoft, 1985 brings the announcement of the release of the Microsoft MacEnhancer expansion system, and the Microsoft Mouse is quarantined in Canada; the company also celebrates its 10th Anniversary.

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