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Thursday, December 22, 2011

VB 6.0 installation error solve-"acmboot.exe is damaged"

somtimes some reasons when user try to install vb 6.0 on there machine it gives error like "acmboot.exe is damaged".last time i also get this problem while installing VB 6.0 on my machine.so what next, i found solution on google.finally i got the solution to resolve them.




  Error Launching "D:.....acmboot.exe".

1) Make a copy of the "setup/VS98ENT.STF" & name it "acmsetup.STF".

2) Copy the entire contents of "setup/" to privious folder (the one that has acmboot.exe).

3) Modify "acmsetup.stf" with "acost.exe" as you require and save it.

4) Run acmsetup.exe instead of setup (the one that's on the same path as acmboot.exe).

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