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Friday, September 24, 2010

Adobe Illustrator 10 vs. CorelDRAW

With Adobe Illustrator 10 software, you can produce artwork that can be published with ease on Web pages,PDAs, wireless devices, and in print. This new release is packed with innovative features like live distortion,object-based slicing, and dynamic data-driven graphics that deliver exciting new creative options, enhance productivity, and streamline the production of graphics for the Web and other media. Adobe Illustrator 10also delivers even tighter integration with other Adobe products, such as Adobe Photoshop®. This comparative chart sums up the powerful features and other advantages Illustrator offers, and compares them to those available in CorelDRAW. See why Illustrator edges out the competition, then try Adobe Illustrator 10yourself. You’ll never look back.

Art and Creative Techniques Illustrator 10CorelDRAW 10 Calligraphy brushes Scatter brushes Pattern brushes Art brushes Multiple strokes for objects Multiple fills for objects Randomization of appearance (transformations, distortions, and more)Opacity masks Text on a path Blending multiple objects, groups, or compound elements Gradient Mesh Vector Flare tool Line tool Arc tool Grid tool Polar Grid tool Interactive controls for polygon, star, spiral, arc, flare, and grid tools Preset warp commands 1 Customized warp effects Warp effects used in styles Live Envelopes 2 Raster image enveloping Envelope mesh objects 3Nested envelopes Gradient and pattern distortion within envelopes Live text warping and enveloping 4 Stretch text, artwork, and images with the Warp tool Swirl and twist artwork and images with the Twirl tool Squish and squeeze artwork and images with the Pucker tool Puff out artwork and images with the Bloat tool Make the edges of artwork and images loopy with the Scallop tool Make artwork and images jaggedy with the Crystallize tool Smear artwork and images vertically with the Wrinkle tool Symbols and Symbolism Tools 5Illustrator 10CorelDRAW 10 Graphic symbols from selected text, vector artwork, or images Nested symbols Transparency within symbols Transparency between symbols Create sets of symbols with the Symbol Sprayer tool Move symbols within a set using the Symbol Shifter tool Bunch or scatter symbols in a set using the Symbol Scruncher tool Vary the size of symbols with the Symbol Sizer tool Rotate symbols in a set using the Symbol Spinner tool Paint color onto symbols in a set with the Symbol Stainer tool Paint transparency onto symbols in a set with the Symbol Screener tool Dynamically applygraphic styles to symbols with the Symbol Styler tool.

Download Adobe Illustrator 10 vs. CorelDRAW.


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