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Friday, September 24, 2010

Photoshop CS4 Move-In Guide

Tracking your tools The Notes tool has been relocated: it’s now nested under the Eyedropper tool (I). The Audio Annotation tool, once nested under the Notes tool, is no longer available.Clone Overlay: If you’ve been using Shift-Option (PC: Shift-Alt) to see a preview when using cloning tools, you’ll find that keyboard shortcut works differently in CS4. To get back tothe old behavior, change the following settings: Turn off the Show Overlay and Clipped check boxes in the Clone Source panel (Window>Clone Source), change the overlay blend mode (using the pop-up menu at the bottom of the panel) to Difference, and set the Opacity to 50%. And if you don’t like the new in-cursor cloning preview,you’ll want to leave the Show Overlay and Clipped check boxes turned off the in the Clone Source panel.If you’re looking for the Slice and Slice Selection tools, click-and-hold on the Crop tool in the Toolbox and you’ll find them. Layers The command, Layer>Change Layer Content is no longer in Photoshop CS4.The Interactive Layout setting that was previously avail-able in the Photo merge dialog, which allowed for manual panorama stitching, is no longer available and as of this writing there’s no replacement; however, the dialog has a couple of new options in CS4. Miscellaneous • The UI Font Preference setting has been moved to the Interface section in the Photoshop>Preferences dialog.• Start Bridge at Login has been moved from the Preferences dia-log in Photoshop to the Advanced section of the Preferences dialog in Bridge.• The Use Grayscale Toolbar icon preference setting has become the new Use Grayscale Application icon (in keeping with its move to the new Application Bar).• Two filters—Extract and Pattern Maker filters are missing in CS4!Adobe claims that they will be available for download soon after Photoshop CS4 ships.• Pixel Aspect Ratio has been moved from the Image menu to the View menu.

Download Photoshop CS4 Move-In Guide.


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