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Friday, September 24, 2010

AJAX and PHP Building Responsive Web Applications

“Computer, draw a robot!” said my young cousin to the first computer he had ever seen. (Since Ihad instructed it not to listen to strangers, the computer wasn’t receptive to this command.) Ifyou’re like me, your first thought would be “how silly” or “how funny”—but this is a mistake. Oureducated and modeled brains have learned how to work with computers to a certain degree. Peopleare being educated to accommodate computers, to compensate for the lack of ability of computersto understand humans. (On the other hand, humans can’t accommodate very well themselves, butthat’s another story.) This little story is relevant to the way people instinctively work with computers. In an ideal world,that spoken command should have been enough to have the computer please my cousin. Theability of technology to be user-friendly has evolved very much in the past years, but there’s still along way till we have real intelligent computers. Until then, people need to learn how to work withcomputers—some to the extent that they end up loving a black screen with a tiny commandprompt on it. Not incidentally, the computer-working habits of many are driven by software with user interfacesthat allow for intuitive (and enjoyable) human interaction. This probably explains the popularity ofthe right mouse button, the wonder of fancy features such as drag and drop, or that simple text boxthat searches content all over the Internet for you in just 0.1 seconds (or so it says). The softwareindustry (or the profitable part of it, anyway) has seen, analyzed, and learned. Now the market isfull of programs with shiny buttons, icons, windows, and wizards, and people are paying a lot ofmoney for them. What the software industry has learned is that the equivalent of a powerful engine in a red sportscar is usability and accessibility for software. And it’s wonderful when what is good from thebusiness point of view is also good from a human point of view, because the business profits aremore or less proportional to customers’ satisfaction.We plan to be very practical and concise in this book, but before getting back to your favoritemission (writing code) it’s worth taking a little step back, just to remember what we are doing andwhy we are doing it. We love technology to the sound made by each key stroke, so it’s very easyto forget that the very reason technology exists is to serve people and make their lives at homemore entertaining, and at work more efficient.

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