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Thursday, September 23, 2010

BIOS update/crisis disk for BEETLE with i815 standard motherboard release WN STD 0B/22

? This release is not valid for D2 basic motherboard !? THIS RELEASE IS NEEDED, IF YOU WANT TO PERFORM AUTOMATIC UPDATE OF BEETLE BIOS RELEASES OVER INTERNET. The in future (higher than 0B/22) BIOS releases of D2 STD BIOS will also be available as an BEETLE VIEW update package, provided in www – you need to update to this release before! ? Some new features of the update procedure (UPBIOS.EXE) rel. 3.1:If any of these advanced features is wanted, you need to adapt the update floppy disk! See chapter “How to use flash tool UPBIOS.EXE” for further information about options. The main feature of this release is the automatic start of BIOS update after bootup of floppy! You are not prompted to confirm flash update, but you may abort the automatic procedure, when asked.It provides output to external line displays for BEETLE with or without VGA adapter.Another new feature of update procedure is the support of CMOS setup data save/restore. You can set setup options as wanted, than create an image file of BIOS setup data and after easily write the certain settings from image file to CMOS memory while BIOS flash update procedure! ? The binary floppy disk imageD2*DD.BIN, is made for Linux. Usecommand with default parameters, to write image to target floppy. ? The floppy disk image D2*IMG.EXE, is made for Windows only.The Win Image executable does not run under DOS! Use the D2*ARJ.EXE self extractor, if flash disk needs to be created with DOS . ? The self extracting ARJ archives (D2*ARJ.EXE), are basicly made for DOS.But they do extract all data under Windows as well.The UPDATE archive extracts files directly to a floppy in drive A: The CRISIS archive extracts files to folder C:\CRISIS Note, you need to rename the archive file to “8.3 format” before running iton a DOS BEETLE. It is good practise to store and run the ARJ self extractor in root folder, because it is a DOS based tool which does not support long folder pathes !!!You alyways need to prepare the update disk before: run “format a: /s”. ? If there is a power fail during programming or BIOS update failed by other reasons, use the CRISIS DISK for recovery. To be found in the same DOWNLOAD.ZIP file.If Windows is your operating system, you need to use the crisis disk image D2CRISIS*IMG.EXE to create a crisis boot disk! DOS based systems require the ARJ self extracting archive, which The extracts to folder “c:\crisis”. Use “C:\CRISIS\CRISDISK.BAT” to build a crisis disk. You do need to boot up a DOS system – this can not be done in a Windows command box! Since a certain minimal, non standard DOS(without screen output) is needed for crisis recovery, do not use DOS commands “format” or “sys”. Detailed information you also find in README.TXT in archives / image files.

Download BIOS update/crisis disk for BEETLE with i815 standard motherboardrelease WN STD 0B/22.


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