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Thursday, September 23, 2010

D2 motherboard BIOS update 43/15

D2 motherboard BIOS update 43/15 file !!!If Windows is your operating system, you need to use the crisis disk imageD2CRISIS*IMG.EXE to create a crisis boot disk !!!.DOS based systems require C:\CRISIS\CRISDISK.BAT from ARJ archive to build a crisis disk.If using “Crisdisk.Bat”, you need to boot up a DOS system – this can not be done in a Windows command box! Since a certain minimal, non standard DOS(without screen output) is needed for crisis recovery, do not use DOS commands “format” or “sys” ! After the crisis boot disk is prepared, run theARJ self extracting archiv to copy all files to floppy. Detailed information you also find in README.TXT in archives / image files.If a flash update from a BEETLE card (SRAM memory cards) is wanted,you first need to make the MC bootable (DOS), than use self extracing archive,to create the flash update disk.DMI data will not be initialized while flash update, like some previous BIOS releases did. Therefore BEETLE serial numbers and other entries will remain!When older BIOS releases (before 07/16) need to be flashed,you need the firmware hub patch. This tool is placed in the same download area, where you found this BIOS update. See expired releases “Additional FIRMWARE HUB PATHCH for expired BIOS releases”: This information is also placed in README_3.TXT on floppy!!General:”Upbios 3.x” is designed for easy support of Phoenix(R) “phlash.exe” flash tool. Update procedure is running automatically, configurable via”upbios.cfg” configuration file and via arguments from commandline. All messages are minimized and optimized for use of 2×20 lines display. No need of keyboardinput, but abort of procedure is possible. Beep support is provided for abort option (one double beep), successful operation (two double beeps),error messages (three double beeps). UPBIOS.EXE is used for flash update of POS BIOS andalso STD BIOS!Options are selectable from command line. It might be useful to create an “autoexec.bat” providing the complete commandline. Configuration is done via “upbios.cfg”configuration file. Options:Calling syntax: upbios [com3] [cdump] [cload] [t] [q] [p] [m n][over] [anyway] Any options may be mixed, but if cdump is selected,no Bios update will be done.Note: Options from command line will override appropriate keyword properties in “upbios.cfg”. upbios: Bios update using “upbios.cfg” com3: if BA6x on COM3 is available, screen output will be redirected to COM3. cdump: make a CMOS-copy of actual system into “cmosdump.img”. No Bios update will be done. cload:Before Bios update, CMOS of actual system will be loaded from”cmosdump.img” testmode for debugging problems only, noBios update will be done. quick mode is waiting between 2-line-messages and beeps will be overrun.

Download D2 motherboard BIOS update 43/15.


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