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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Super Fast and Super Light PDF reader: A newbie in crowded list

If you love reading books on your desktop or Laptop PC’s then which software do you use to read them. May be most of us using the heavy Adobe Reader for reading their pdf collection.

Now the question what is the point of putting extra burden on the system processor when the target is only to read PDF books if there is a super light application exists which can do the same task with less effort.

SlimPDF opens PDF files, even heavy ones, in a zip, no doubt. But once it opens there is very little you can do to adjust the reader into a comfortable reading tool. For instance, there is no bookmarks view, no option to open multiple pages size by side, no continuous scrolling, no ‘Hand tool’ to scroll pages using mouse and no image extracting tool. You can ignore the last one but the reset are unforgivable.

Few days back when i have found this application I have though it will be again the same story as I have with the several application but now… though it lack some editing feature in comparison to professional software as well as some free edition ….is worth to be an application which should be tried at least once.

Download: SlimPDF


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