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Friday, December 31, 2010

How to Use Symbian S60 Phone as Touchpad, Mouse or Remote Control for PC

SmartTouch is an application which allows you to control your computer through your phone via Bluetooth. You just need a computer with Bluetooth and a S60 5th Edition phone and you are all ready to go. Here’s how you can do it following simple steps

This is perhaps the first of its kind program for a platform with a touchscreen. You can control the computer in 3 modes.

  • Music Controller -

In this mode you can control any player on your computer. You can see a music player like layout with buttons like “play / pause”, “next”, “prev”, “mute” and volume keys. This is very helpful if your away from your PC or laptop other some work and the music is playing.

  • TouchPad (Mouse) -

This mode has keys like “Up”, “Down”, “Left”, “Right”, “Esc” and “Enter”. These can be used for controls in a games, but still does not work with all games as limited key and no customization.

  • Keys Mode -

Similar to a touchpad (also trackpad) of a laptop you can control the mouse of the computer to which you are connected. This is great while surfing the Internet or as a pointer and pen during presentations.

How to Install and Setup:

  • Install the SmartTouch SIS (Download From Here)
  • Install the Python 1.9.7 SIS to your MEMORY CARD (Download From Here)
  • Tune on the Bluetooth of the PC or laptop
  • Run the SmartTouch desktop application (Download From Here)
  • Now from your phone open the SmartTouch
  • There select “Search device” if your Bluetooth is off then it may prompt you “Activate Bluetooth” or do it automatically in some cases. Just say “Yes”
  • Now connect to the PC as you usually do.
  • There you go!! Enjoy!!!

Tested Successfully On: Nokia 5800 Music Express


Jeet Dholakia said...

Hello Rahul:
awesome tips for those who are using s60 mobile phones and specially the touch ones.
nice work keep it up dude.
and ya if you can than post this type of tricks for s40 nokia phone also and Samsung also.

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