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Friday, December 31, 2010

How to Watch Videos, Play Games, open Flash Web Apps on Java Mobile Phones

Java technology brings numerous applications to low end handsets but still they are somewhat restricted. It is not only due to the comfort and ease of work that symbian’s provide but also due to its robustness in application support. There are tons of applications that provide solutions to varies problems and needs for symbian users.

But for a user who needs basic functionality of a phone goes for a Java based mobile handset, due to its cost effectiveness. Java based phones also have various applications that can fulfill basic needs such as music players, zip unzip applications, social networking applications, web browsers etc. But the quality of service differs a lot from high end symbian phones. One such field where Java handset users may feel this gap is while trying to view streaming online videos on their phones. But now with Bolt Browser this issue can be easily solved.

Bolt Browser is a Mobile available for java based handsets. Some of the features that makes it useful are:

  • It loads sites and webpages very fast compared to the default available with the handset as it optimizes the bandwidth available for opening pages.
  • Webpages open with clarity and optimal display quality using advanced rendering techniques giving PC like browsing experience.
  • It supports flash which enables users to watch streaming online videos from , Myspace, metacafe etc. All social networking websites (including orkut) can be opened as in desktop browsers.
  • Bolt Widgets beta allows streamlined access to web apps like Mafia Wars and Google Docs. You can also directly tweet from here.

Well these features are good enough to make it a must have application for java handset users who are in constant search of newly released videos from their favorite video streaming site and love to remain connected and tweet every update on the way. Other good browsers for java platform are Opera Mini and UCWEB. Bolt supports flash which still opera Mini do not have.

Download Bolt  Browser 2.1


Jeet Dholakia said...

Hello Rahul:
Buddy another master peace.i was wondering that how to watch the videos on java based phone but u have solved my problem,tks and waiting for more triks.

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