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Friday, December 31, 2010

Meego will replace Symbian OS from Nokia N Series Smartphones

This could be the smartest move by Nokia who finally decided to get rid of Symbian in their N Series smartphones to focus and drive Meego (Which seems will be spectacular) , the was born from the merging of Moblin of Intel and Maemo of Nokia.

This would make the Nokia N8 the last device in Symbian series.


The news comes hand in hand from Doug Dawson representing the brand told Reuters. In addition, according to Slashgear, the first mobile phone N Series with Meego will Nokia N9 Similar to N8 but with a physical keyboard and other improvements.

Nokia has had severe problems to compete adequately in the field of smart phones, as being far outweighed by product with and with Android. The Finns held a foolish position that ended up being highly damaging to includes an that seems made in 2001 in your apparent quality as the N95, N96 or N97. In fact, if review our recent review of these two phones will notice that the main problem with these devices is not the hardware, terrible software is included.

We will see how to install Meego OS in new smartphones. For those with a N900 in their hands, There is a way to install Meego Operating System on Nokia N900, but not simple .


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