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Friday, May 6, 2011

5 Youtube Flash Videos Downloader Alternatives for Firefox

Anyway, when watching Youtube video in streaming mode, it can eat up a lot of time, especially to load the entire video file, while it can be worsened if the format of the video hits the High Definition quality. Therefore, there is no other solution for that problem except to download the whole video file into our computer with flash videos downloader.

Many flash videos downloader on Firefox add-on have been rampantly developed for Firefox users, to ensure that users will get a lot of alternatives to download Youtube video right away on Firefox browser.

As you might know, the flash videos downloader named “1-Click video downloader” recently, has been disabled by the developer since couple of months ago, and hasn’t been updated until now (but I might be wrong about this). But you don’t to worry about that because in this article, I am gonna show you 5 other alternatives of flash videos downloader for your Firefox browser.

1. Download Helper 4.8.4
One powerful flash videos downloader for Firefox browser will help you download Youtube video in FLV format, or flash video format. Besides FLV, Download Helper also provides another facility to convert the Youtube video into the 3GP format, if you wish to watch the video on your smart-phone. Install Download Helper

2. Flash Video Downloader
Apart from the main function to download embedded flash video file on some websites, Flash video downloader can also be utilized to download Youtube videos. Install Flash Downloader ...............................

3. Flash Got
Although the function of this add-on is similar with “Flash Video Download, Flash Got actually has more powerful tool to track the video file, which makes it faster to get the real source of the video file than the other extensions. Install Flash Got

4. Download Youtube Video as MP4 and FLV
Has more video formats than “Download Helper 4.8.4”, which is MP4, the tool of “Download Youtube video as MP4 and FLV” loads much faster in the Youtube page than Download Helper too. Therefore, thumbs down for this add-on. Install Youtube Video as MP4 and FLV

5. Easy Youtube Video Downloader
Easy Youtube Video Downloader is also another powerful add-on to download Youtube video. Has more options of video formats, along with the options of video quality. Install Youtube Video Downloader

So those are my 5 best favorite flash videos downloader for Firefox that i am still satisfied using them until now. What about you? Do you have any other add-on alternatives that I haven’t mentioned in this article? Feel free to share yours in the comment section below.


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