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Friday, May 6, 2011

How to Find Specific Page on Blogs Without Exploring Their Actual Blogs

Actually, the reason why I write this article is because I always found a problem visiting some popular websites with heavy page content and lame loading time. Yeah, I still don’t understand why many popular websites with high traffic tend to have heavy web pages and sophisticated interface, and it’s worsened by the lameness of my internet connection. So it’s lame, lame and lame.

In my experience, the only one popular site that loads really fast is the one owned by Daniel Scocco. Yeah, his blog at Dailyblogtips.com has a great ranking in Alexa, and generates more than 200.000 visitors per month. So yeah, his blog is one of the most popular blogs across the blogosphere. The great think about his blog, apart from his awesome contents, his blog loads really really fast, so I never had any problem when visiting his blog.

What about the other popular websites? 

To be honest, it’s quite rare I found popular blogs or websites that load really fast in my browser. Every time i visit their pages, it can be so depressing to wait for all the contents to be finally loaded, whereas I am only looking for the text content, aka information not the sophistication one (with the exception if one day I can finally purchase some great and expensive internet service provider in the future).

Anyway, if you are currently in the same situation just like I am facing right now, you might want to know about my personal trick that I usually use when exploring some popular websites with heavy web pages and sophisticated interface, without exploring to their actual sites. Okay, let me show you the trick.

Search specific content on website vie Google search engine

As you know, the best method to check some specific web pages that have been indexed across the SERPs, is by typing the site address “site:www.yoursite.com” in the Google, right? It will automatically bring you to the result page contains with all the articles or post pages inside the website you’re specifically looking for in the first place.

That’s why, by using that site address (i.e site:www.yoursite.com), I can finally explore the whole or specific contents of some websites much easier and faster than before.

For example, when I am trying to explore some article pages on a popular gaming website, say, IGN.com, to get some specific information about games, say, “Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory” I would type this on Google:
site:www.ign.com splinter cell: chaos theory


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