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Friday, May 6, 2011

Tip to Get Ideas in Writing Blog Article? Replicate the 5W and 1H Formula

The most common problem that usually happens around the content production for blog is the difficulty to get new ideas for our next blog article. Whereas, many topics in your chosen niche, have all been spilled in your older posts. So what is the best way to expand your blog posts in order to get new fresh ideas for your next articles?

Replicating the 5W and 1H basic questions on your blog article

Okay, the answer to that question would be to try replicating the 6 basic questions that you usually heard as “5W and 1H”.

The 5W and 1H formula (I.e. What, Where, When, Who, Why and How) is a basic concept in journalism that becomes so fundamental these days in gathering information, in order to collect all detail information in one report to get the whole package of story. This concept determines that a report or new story is considered as complete if it has answered all the 6 basic questions above (i.e. 5H and 1H).

So, by replicating that 5W and 1H formula over and over again every time you want to write a new blog article, will make it easier for you in adding the collection of your blog articles even bigger, and will also bring more traffic to your blog

Implementing the 5W and 1H formula on your blog article

1. Where
Okay this trick is simple. If you have uncovered the topic about “How to Cook Delicious Pizza?” in your older post, try implementing the first 5W question, “where?”, in the new post. For example, now create a new blog article titled “Where to buy the best ingredients of delicious Pizza?”. Yeah, I know that example is lame. I mean, why would anyone wants to know where to buy Pizza ingredients when in fact, he/she has already known that supermarket is the right place to find those ingredients, right? However, you’ll never know if there are people across the world who are actually looking for that topic.

2. When
After uncovering the topic about “Where to buy the best ingredient of delicious pizza?”, try the next 5W question, “When?”. Now create a new blog article with a title “When is the right time to eat pizza?”. Well, the answers to that question can obviously be varied. For instance, you can make that post as a list article, that contains 5 or 7, or make it 10 best moments to eat pizza (e.g. when watching television or sports, when having a family dinner, when working outside of normal working hours at the office, and many more).

3. What, Who, Why
And the next goes the same with 3 remaining 5W questions, “what?”, “who” and “why?”. Isn’t that simple?


So if every time you face a solid wall called frustration when writing new blog article, just implement those 5W and 1H formula to any topic that hasn’t been uncovered yet on your blog.


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