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Friday, May 6, 2011

Lock Blogger Widgets in Your BlogLayout from Getting Any Reposition

When redesigning our blog layout through Page Element section of Blogger (Dashboard – Layout/Design – Page Element), there are some blog elements that don’t really need much reposition in the layout. For example is the search engine of blog. As you know, the blog search engine is usually placed on top position as a fixed element, which doesn’t need any reposition. It goes the same with another important element in your blog layout, menu bar. Menu bar that has been installed on the specific position of your blog layout, usually on the top of header, will never need any reposition as any other normal widget (i.e widgets on the sidebar).

Therefore, you might want to lock those kinds of elements to avoid any sudden reposition that might ruin your blog layout in the future. Okay, in this article, I am gonna show you the trick to lock some specific widgets in our blog layout from getting intuitively repositioned.

1. Enter your Blogger account
Now go to Blogger.com and enter to your Blogger account.

2. Go to Edit HTML
As you land to the Dashboard, now go to Layout/Design > Page Element > Edit HTML of your chosen blog.

3. Make a back up template
In Edit HTML, now press “Download Full Template” to make a back up of your existing template to avoid mistakes when editing the template. To revert the template back to normal, just upload it back to your Blogger machine................

4. Find the code
I assume that now, you want to lock one of your Blogger widgets, say, Blog Archive widget, from getting any reposition in blog layout. By pressing Ctrl + F, now look around for the code section below:

5. Edit the code
After locating the code section that controls the Blog Archive widget on your blog, now lock the widget from your blog layout by replacing the code “locked:false” into the “locked:true”. Pay attention on the red code below!

6. Save the template
Well, that’s it. Now save the change by pressing ‘Save Template’. 

To see if the trick above works perfectly on your blog, now switch back the sub tab to Page Element. As you can see in the Page Element, the Blog Archive widget in your
blog layout has been locked to the layout. Now try to move the widget “Blog Archive” to another position. Yeah, like I already told before, that widget has officially been locked to your blog layout, and there is nothing you can do about it. 

Anyway, if you want to revert back the widget to normal again, just re-upload back your back up template to the Blogger machine.


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